My fellow Resistors,

We live in an uprecedented time. Our rights, our lives, and our way of life are under threat. We came together from all backgrounds, from sea to shining sea, in our resistance to Trump kakistocracy & Republicans' assault on human decency.

We've come a long way since November. We've become a force to be reckoned with. We went from barely noticed to barely unnoticed. Trump administration of swamp monsters are taking notice and we worry them. We scare them and they will respond in kind. Trump administration will use everything & anything at their disposal to discredit us, by painting us as violent anarhists. Every time a protest turns to violence, or effegies are burned, those that organized the protest will lose credibility.

In order to further protect ourselves from these already baseless accusations, a declaration had to be made. A declaration that clearly states that we are unpaid concerned citizens; that we will not be part of any violence or destruction of property; that reguardless of how we voted in the past, we hold our country first and party second; that we hold ourselves to a higher standard to make sure everything we share is fact based, and we acknowledge that at times those facts will hurt; that no matter what deplorable policy Republicans are trying to push, we will not call for violence nor support violence in our name; that we will not hide behind masks in protest, nor set fires during demonstration.

 Declaration of Peaceful Resistance

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