We still have to love each other

My Aunt is a republican, she is also a good woman. Even with only 16 years between us there is a clear generational gap, an educational gap and yet though I do not care for her politics, I love & respect her. It's ok to have differences of opinion/belief & it's ok, even healthy, to be occasionally uncomfortable. It can be hard to bite your tongue, to smile & nod, but there will be times when an argument is a loss even when you win. We must stop attacking our own party, it only serves the otherside. We have to find the strength to accept others for who they are instead of who we want them to be. Everyone has something to give. The world is never going to be exactly 100% the way you want it to be. Each person has their own ideal. It has to be about bettering lives & furthering the evolution of our species. Everyone needs clean water, good food, a healthy home ( including our planet ) & an education. While it is true that knowledge is power, the ability to have youe ideals challenged is an ever decreasing skill. You won't always be right & being right guarantees you nothing. There is far too much to focus on politically these days, the Resistance is full of people rolling up their sleeves & making a difference, pick you battles wisely & trust that other's are standing up for what matters most to them.



Question? Does having had Obama as President, well spoken, educated, kind & fit, make having the disaster that is all things trump in the same position worse or better? Recently I spent the day with my favorite ex, the one I compare all others too, & for me at least having had a great relationship helped me to understand what I'm looking for & what I deserve. So does that translate? When next I vote for President will I be better equipped to vote in my best interests? Has living thru both Obama & trump helped me to evolve? I think it should. I know that this world needs evolution of thought. It needs a more educated & engaged populace. Getting along to get along is no longer an option. The world is on the brink & we are only as good as our weakest link. 


I have been brought low by a viscous sinus infection. I likely could have avoided it if I had taken better care of myself. Simple things can make all the difference. Being well rested & having a nutritious diet is a great start. Vitamin C & getting a bit of sunlight on your face help too. Don't make the same mistake I did. Listen to your body & take care of you.



I won't vote for someone based solely on pants parts, or color, or sexual identity / orientation. I won't vote for someone because I like them or they seem like they would be fun to hang out with. How do I decide who to vote for you say? It's all about their platform& their record. Will they be a help to this nation's people or a hindrance. Don't get me wrong no candidate is perfect. I want to vote for the best person available. Someone not beholden to big $ donors. Someone that knows what hardwork looks like. Someone intelligent & well versed in the issues that effect their district. To get my vote you must know what you are talking about & do what you say you will. Seems like a no-brainer right? There are upcoming elections all over the country. So vote smart!



We are suffering from a negativity problem & things will likely get worse before they get better. We must not fall prey to our darker instincts. We choose to be happy or not. I know we are all hurting & hurt people hurt people. What we do this year will shape America for generations to come. Holding on to the outrages of the 2016 election is tearing US apart. The democratic party musn't allow a repeat. We cannot continue to eat our own. Political purity is a pipe dream. Every person sees the world through the lens of their own experiences. Some things we must simply let go of. Hatred is poisonous. As we mature our priorities & ideals change. Educate yourself on an issue & you will likely find your assumptions weren't 100% accurate. Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are. Each of us is a tiny light, together we are a conflagration capable of pushing back the darkness. If we are, as we claim, better suited than the GOP to helping this country achieve greatness, we must start acting like it. Support your local candidate by getting their message out there & refrain from attacking other dems. All this does is give the GOP more ammo for later. Diversity makes America great! Please join me. Declare peace, resist polarization, be unconTROLLable & for the sake of our future do your own research!




My state isn't as strict as say California nor as lenient as Texas but somewhere in the middle. Most of the firearms I sell in a year are shotguns & rifles for hunting. Military grade weapons make up only about 10% of firearms sales for me. Of that 10% over half are old WW2 rifles. That being said I would happily never sell another AR-15 or sniper style rifle. To my knowledge I've only ever sold one weapon that was used in a crime. I was 19 & working at someone else's pawn shop. A lovely 22 year old woman purchased a pistol from me. The first I had ever sold. In my state you have to go through your county for a permit to purchase pistols. She filled out her paperwork & left with her purchase. A week later her parents came in to return the pistol, she had used it to end her life. I'd had no indication, she had appeared to be in good spirits. Her parents were shocked, they'd had no warning. The county gave her a background check& rubber stamped her application. That was 17 years ago. 17 years & we've learned nothing. We need universal background checks. We need a waiting period. We need a federal ban on military grade weaponry. We need common sense. Most of all we need our elected officials to do their damn jobs. #NoRA #GunReformNow


GOP's predilection

For bottomless avarice

We must repudiate



Government cannot

Abolish our liberty

If we won't bow down



Let's start with some full disclosure. I sell guns. My family has been in the pawn shop business my whole life. In the midwest that usually means you sell firearms. In my state we have a permit law & do federal background checks. I do stacks of paperwork. We have avid hunters & farmers who need to protect their livestock from predators. Like the amish fellow that buys shotguns to scare off bobcats. Some of my customers buy guns simply to add them to their collections with no intention of every firing them. These things do not gve me pause. What I am bothered by is weapons of war being sold to civilians. We don't see many high-powered rifles in my shop & for that I am grateful. I know I check all the boxes, cross my t's & dot my i's. Not all stores do & some people are good at hiding their crazy. We desperately need gun sense laws & mental health reform. We need our schools to be safe & we need parents to raise their children well. You cannot put toothpaste back into the tube. Likewise you will find it far more difficult to teach kindness & responsibility to a child grown. Life is hard & it's rarely fair. It throws a bunch of crazy stuff at you. You cant hope to plan for everything. You can prepare you children. For disappointment. For loss. For failure. Most of all for no. Kids need to learn to accept the word no. Ideally with grace.

River Song out.



Never to soon to talk

You're uncomfortable? That's good

It's how change happens


So let's talk!



Happy Valentine's day Sweeties! I hope you have a fantastic day. Be sure to carve out time for self care today even a few minutes of you time can make a difference. 



tRUMP intends to force the majority of US into indentured servitude. Recreating hoovervilles across the country. Stripping US of our inalienable rights in an attempt to profit off the backs of the 99% how very Slitheen of him. I say down with pirate politics & down with the Craven GOP.


Our Diversity

Protects America from




The soul of our great Nation

The fruits of our Earth




Is ruining America's


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Is responsibility

Not righteousness



I admit I'm a recovering narcissist. I'm also quite antisocial. Joining GeeksResist helped me get thru last year, it has been trying though. There are times when I just can't people anymore. I try everyday to be a better me than I was yesterday. Which means I must simply let go of all those minor irritations. Clapping back to dotards & trolls does me far more harm than good. So many care only about their own satisfaction. If we don't start thinking globally, each & every one of US, there won't be anything left to argue over. We know logically that a rising tide lifts all boats & trickle down is more like flow into offshore accounts, so where is the disconnect? Just what will it take for US to stand up for more than just ourselves? Is it that we lack perspective? That feels like a copout. I also like to think its more than fear & selfishness. The battle doesn't end when trump is finally ousted. That is merely the beginning. We in the Resistance must take this country back one election, one issue at a time. The world has evolved, it's time congress do the same.



River Song



Writer block is real

Everytime is sit to write

My brain goes kerphrump



Yesterday, dark, snowy

Now the sun is bright & warm

The future? Unknown



Are you Registered?

Deadline soon in many states

Vote for your future!

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The Groundhogs shadow

Won't make winter last longer

It's always six weeks



February is National Haiku Writing Month

I'll share them throughout the month


Your Vote is Your Voice

Demand Representation

Before it's too late





My dream for the future of America & the world is the Star Trek ideal, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Throughout history those species that refused to adapt were in short order driven into extinction. Diversity of the gene pool results in stronger, smarter, faster humans far better equipped to handle the challenges of a world on the brink of catastrophe. Simply put we must evolve or perish. The same is true of Congress. It is up to US to vote & every vote is important. Congress must be made anew. With representatives that accurately depict America. We are so much more than weak chinned old white dudes. Our country desperately needs innovation before we slip into a dark void of nationalism. Your vote only matters if you use it. So please for the soul of our great nation VOTE! Don't let the American dream become a nightmare.


River Song

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25 years ago my best friend was an elderly woman named Marie. I was a tween but I grew up with mostly adult friends. Marie was the age I am today when she escaped the horror that was the holocaust. She had spent years in terror & lost most of her family. Yet she was a light. Some people just have it, that special glow & even in her 80s she shown like a star. To have everything taken from you, live in squalor, fear for your very humanity, & come out of it more determined to live. She was an inspiration to me then & still is today. I was 15 when she died. Today I remember her & I remember Oscar & Lillian. I fight for their sacrifice just as I fight for my daughters future. We will win the fight for America's soul, we must!


River Song



Lately I've been contemplating putting together a podcast for this site. It's something I considered in the past, I dated a guy that had a gamer podcast, sadly he turned out to be a putz & a misogynist. Not exactly a surprise that those two things go hand & hand. Im not exactly in love with the sound of my own voice but I do feel like I have something to say. I might start by reading aloud what I have put into this blog. See how it sounds. At the very least it will offer more access to my ideas which is always a plus. For more details watch this space.


River Song



This morning I put the car in reverse to ease it down the driveway only to find I had no breaks, none at all. The short trip from my driveway to the front bumper of my across the street neighbors truck was upsetting to say the least. Thankfully the truck is his work vehicle & is fitted with a protective bumper around the regular one so there was no damage to it & only a crack in my back bumper. The 30 or 45 seconds I put forth a futile attempt to stop was fairly nerve wracking. The experience left me with a bit of deja-vu. This last year has been wild, everything so uncertain.


Continued from yesterday

Uncertainties are stressful. No one can live on the edge forever. In all likelihood the current administration will tumble like a poorly constructed house of cards, which is great, however there are many other issues that need to be addressed. The marmalade menace didn't create our current strife, he simply brought it into the open. Now its beyond impractical to think we can continue at our current fevered pace, but with a good selfcare regime we can certainly make in roads for an America we can be proud of. Protecting Dreamers, children, the elderly, the environment, putting intelligence back into congress, & most importantly dealing with the many conflicts of interest in the government. The privatization of schools allows greedy heartless "people" to disenfranchise minorities from an early age. Sending them on a path to prison. The fact that both eduaction & incarceration are making the rich richer is obscene. Everyone talks about how expensive insurance has become, how about we yank that problem out by the roots with regulations on big pharma instead of punishing a majority of americans for not being able to afford a service that our own representatives have allowed us to be priced out of. How can we possibly do all this you say? It starts at the polls.  VOTE every race every election because when we vote we win.


River Song 

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Today I would like to share with you some of the candidates running for office this year. Brianna Westbrook is running for congress in Arizona's 8th district. You can find her on twitter @BWestbrookAZ8 & check out her website Westbrookforcongress.com Allison Galbraith is hoping to help Maryland's 1st congressional district say #ByeAndy @allisonforMD on twitter, learn about her take on the issues at allisonforcongress.com J.D. Scholten is fighting to help Iowa's 4th district get rid of their racist in congress Steve King. @Scholten4Iowa on twitter his website is scholtenforiowa.com DD Adams has been putting in work for North Carolina's 5th district & is ready to join Congress. @DDAdamsCongress on twitter, visit DDAdamsforCongress.com for more. Chris Ralhf @chris_rahlf is running for a seat on the Wisconsin state Assembly in district 60 check out her platform at chrisrahlf.com Billy Kovacs knows America is ready for a new generation of leadership follow him @kovacs4congress & learn more about his work in Arizona district 2 at kovacsforcongress.com


River Song



Why does the GOP hate science?

Is it simply that knowledge is power or is there a much darker reason? A barely educated populous is easier to control, easier to use & discard. Science is a solution for fear of the unknown, so why do many in congress prefer we remain afraid? Could it be that if we spend all our time scared & bickering amongst ourselves they can do as they wish? Congress should be a reflection of the country, I know America isn't as dumb as congress makes us seem. They want a work requirement for Medicaid, I want an intelligence requirement for elected officials. They continue to kneecap the country out of greed. All the money in the world won't save them from an apocalypse of stupidity.


River Song



There are many great quotes from MLK but one in particular spoke to me today

We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity. - Martin Luther King Jr

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Let's talk Gaslighting: to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. This is emotional abuse & it can come from anyone. Spouses, friends, your boss, your child, even your leader. It's the favored tool of narcissists everywhere. Here are ten ways to spot a gaslighter.

  1. They tell blatant lies
  2. They deny even if you have proof
  3. They use what is dear to you as ammunition
  4. They wear you down over time
  5. Their actions do not match their words
  6. They isolate you by dominating your time
  7. They project
  8. They throw tantrums when they don't get their way
  9. They tell you or others that you are crazy
  10. They tell you everyone else is a liar

If any of this sounds familiar please take care of yourself. To a narcissist you are only worthy as long as you are useful to them. Everyone deserves to be more than a bit player in their own story.


River Song



Last night I was thinking about when I joined the Resistance. It was nearly a year ago now. I had been working on myself for awhile, trying hard to be the best version of myself. Joining what was at the time #StarfleetVerified aligned with that goal. As upset as I was about the 2016 election I wasn't looking for a place to rage. I was looking for common ground & I found it with my fellow Geeks. We have seen many changes over the past year, the moniker being the least of it. Just as the Resistance as a whole has seen infighting & childish behaviour, so has Geeks. On thing I can tell you, if you have a desperate need to lead, you shouldn't. Fame can go to anyones head, even Twitter fame. Using people is wrong no matter how you justify it to yourself. I'll be the first to admit the guidelines we Geeks follow are strict however attacking people with foul mouthed rants only serves the darkside. There are those that feel they should get more credit for what they do within the Resistance, you'll know them by the many tweets they post extolling their achievements. There are those that spend much of their day calling out other members & demanding attention, you'll know them by their shrinking follower count. Those people are just background noise. The true heroes are each of you making your calls, sending your postcards & getting out the vote. Please never think that because you don't have 20k+ followers that you are less than anyone else. Your Vote is what matters. I urge you to find at least one campaign to put you energy & enthusiasm into. Old rich white men have had their time. It's our time now. We the People will prevail.


River Song

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Henry Ford is quoted as saying "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." America is in desperate need of innovative thinkers. The America first movement could very well be our undoing. Never in the history of mankind has stomping your feet & screaming, I'm the best, no one is better than me, made it true. Say what you like but the only way to get things done is to do them. Hope is not lost. Giving DC an injection of young, motivated & intelligent folks that love this country as much as we do is a great start. Elected officials that actually show up to town halls & vote in the best interests of their constituents would be a wonderful change from the current status quo. There are a plethora of fantastic candidates for 2018. Get excited, get involved, get our country back!


River Song



I'm seeing a lot more anger from the Resistance as of late. It's a slippery slope. Being angry is understandable, reacting in anger is a horse of a different color. Anger is a feeling that doesn't play well with others. Giving into anger makes logical discourse nearly impossible. You can stay angry & get bitter or you can get smart. Acting like a bunch of "mean girls" won't get US anywhere. Trolls enjoy rolling in the muck. They use nonsense & hate to rile you up. Hoping that you will sink to their level because they haven't been taught how to lift themselves up without stepping on others. Educate yourselves, discuss important issues with others, especially your children. We are the ones who are training the voters of tomorrow. Don't just be the change you seek, raise it!


River Song



I love this country, always will. However right now what America needs isn't unconditional love, but disciplined action. This era of greed must end. America's addiction to materialism will destroy all of US. There are so many issues to focus on it can be overwhelming. Elections are extremely important of course. The right people in office will make a huge difference. You can help. Phonebank, knock doors, donate, or join in with postcards to voters. Make your five calls. Talk to people about the issues. DACA, CHIP,  BC, healthcare, infrastructure, & climate change are a few of the things on my mind as of late. Inequality & intolerance are a serious problem. Staying informed is your first line of defense. So for the love of America do your own research.


River Song



December 31st & I am on a Twitter break. It's harder than you might think. As I sit here writing this I can't help feeling like I am missing too much, like I am doing too little. The thing is, this is what I need to be doing. Burnout is real folks. I've seen it take down many a resister & I've felt so drained lately, so lacking in creativity. I know you think it can't happen to you, but what about all the A+ accounts that have suddenly seemingly gone off the rails over the last few months. Sure some people are just coocoo for cocoa puffs to begin with but the daily grind of resistance takes its toll on us all. 2017 has been both the longest & shortest year of my life. We started the year with an educated, well respected President who truly cared for each of US, even those who would spit in his eye given the chance. Voting for Obama was one of the proudest moments of my life, watching the travesty that is the trump administration has been one of the worst. Through it all I've come out stronger than I've ever been & picked up many new skills along the way. Becoming a part of GeeksResist specifically & the Resistance in general has saved me. This year despite living in a red state I've not felt alone, nor have I felt powerless. The Resistance has given me the chance to stand up for what I believe in & a reason to expand my knowledge. I've met wonderful people including candidates that give me hope for America's future. There are those who seek to divide US, by ethnicity, sex, income, education, location but none of these categories defines US, our actions do. To have better We must be better. 


River Song

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