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10 Questions with Brianna Westbrook     [Click here for original thread.] 


Brianna is a candidate for US House of Representative, Arizona District 08

CL:  The first #10Questions #Twinterview for #BlueWave candidates begins now Special thanks to @BWestbrookAZ8    How are you doing tonight Brianna?

BW:  I'm doing great. Thank you for this opportunity. Hopefully, this is a success and we can do it with all candidates.

CL:  Me too! Well let's dive right in Question #1 What made you decide to run for Congress?

BW:  Our future... I no longer could wait for the candidate for the People, so I became the Candidate, to bring the change we need as a nation.

CL:  Excellent Question #2 is from @txmockingjay "What is your stance on #DACA and immigration as a whole?

BW:  I support DACA. These immigrants want to live here. They are good people they are our neighbors, our co-workers, and our friends. DACA recipients want to better their lives. We should not be throwing people out of our country that want to create a better future.  If elected, I will work with my peers to create a viable working path to citizenship. Our countries diversity is our strength. Always will be.

CL:  Question #3 The term "bipartisan" seems to rarely exist these days, are you for reaching across the aisle if it's in best interest?

BW:  I'm not afraid to talk with people that have different opinions than mine, and I've shown that already most recently at Trump Rally.  I will always use my interpersonal skills to move us forward. It is one of my biggest strengths.  When we find common ground on the issues across the aisle, it gives us a foundation to build from to achieve progress for all.

CL:  Very well put Q #4 In the photo [Shown here.] you were speaking with a Trump supporter about AZ's education system, is that a big part of your platform?

BW:  Education is a significant portion of my platform, and I believe we should be increasing our federal budget for it.  When we invest in education, we create innovation, and generate jobs. By investing in our future, we can grow a robust working economy. [See tweet for more details.]

CL:  Q #5 (Hot topics portion) Regarding Obamacare #ACA A) Repeal B) Replace C) Leave as is D) Improve through bipartisan effort

BW:  E.) #MedicareForAll. We cannot expect for-profit health care companies to work with the government to provide affordable health care.

CL:  I like it Q #6 (Hot topics portion) What is your opinion on Trump's military #TransBan?

BW:  The ban is unconstitutional and is fueled by hate. There are already thousands of transgender troops defending our country right now.  Transgender people should be allowed to continue serving our country. They are risking their lives to defend our freedoms. 

CL:  Q #7 (Hot topics portion) Would you support any type of bill that would provide any type of funding for Trump's wall?

BW:  There is no way that I would support any funding for the wall. [Check out the GIF action!]

CL:  Q #8 is from @ClayDemigoddess "How can we fight voter suppression in Arizona?"

BW:  I would like Arizona legislators to introduce a bill for Automatic Voter Registration.  Voting access should be enhanced not restricted. We need to make it easier for people to vote. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. 

CL:  Q #9 A huge concern of Arizona constituents is lack of #TownHalls, & access to elected officials. What could we expect from you?

BW:  Sharing ideas leads to progress. When I am elected, I will always be accessible for my constituents to express their concerns.  When I am in D.C working hard for my district, my local office doors will be open. I will have multiple methods of contact available to all. 

CL:  Q #10 Is there anything you'd like to say to the readers, & more importantly, to the voters in your district? #AZ8

BW:  Thank you for this chance to discuss several vital issues we face today. Some of my other concerns include a minimum wage increase, a tax on Wall Street transactions, women’s rights to make personal health care decisions, ending private prisons, renewable energy, and LGBT rights. If you would like to donate or learn more about our campaign for Arizona, please visit  #Turn8Blue


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