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10 Questions with Harley Rouda     [Click here to read the original thread.]


CL:  Tonight's #BlueWave #10Questions with philanthropist, attorney, family man, and #CA48 candidate @HarleyRouda begins now. Many thanks for hanging out with us tonight Harley. How are you doing on this fine evening?

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HR:  I am doing great! Excited to be doing this with you all tonight. Thanks for having me.

CL: Truly my pleasure amigo, very excited for this segment!

We'll kick things off the way we always do on #10Questions

     Q #1:  What made you decide to run for Congress my man?

HR:  It's pretty simple, the 2016 election was a defining moment for me and so many other Americans. We live in a time where we all must do more. For me, that meant standing up to run for office.  When I got in this race, the national pundits thought it was a safe Republican district. I didn't jump in because I saw polling, I jumped in because I knew @RepRohrabacher was more concerned with representing Julian Assange and Russia than representing me and my neighbors.  Sadly, Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher are taking us backwards. I decided to run because I know we need to move forward to tackle climate change, to make Southern California the leader in clean tech jobs, to make college affordable, and to pass Medicare 4 all.

CL:  Those are great reasons, & kudos for running.

     Q #2 When I asked for a few topics you definitely wanted to be asked about tonight, the first one you mentioned was "Honesty in Politics." That was new to me in doing these interviews, can we ask what you mean by that?

HR:  Of course! With Donald Trump attacking our news media and institutions, truth and transparency have never been more important. Donald Trump is attacking the pillars of our Democracy to undermine faith in our country. In 2016 it is clear that Russia interfered in our elections. Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher have continued to attack any investigation trying to get to the truth. That is unacceptable. [Disconnected tweet, see here.] Reports have shown that Donald Trump has told around 1,600 lies since taking the oath of office. That's unacceptable. We need to hold our leaders AND our all our candidates to a higher standard. They need to tell us the truth. 

CL:  Excellent, and I can totally respect that.

     Q #3 As a successful business man, one of the key issues of your platform is the economy, and re-establishing the middle class. How can one work to achieve this while in Congress?

HR:  Great question. I think there are 5 main points to rebuild the middle class: 1. Invest in universal pre-K.  Children without access to pre-K are shown to fall behind their peers, even before Kindergarten. 2. Phase in tuition free education at non-profit public colleges and universities. Many countries and some states are already doing this. It gives our children the tools they need to compete in the economy of today and tomorrow. 3. Promote trade school apprenticeships. Americans need the skills for the jobs of the future in advanced technology sectors. Apprenticeships can help fill this gap. That's why I support the . [Disconnected tweet, see here.] 4. Innovate in Education. We have the best teachers in the world and we need to listen to them. We need to give our teachers and our students they tools they need to learn. [Disconnected tweet, see here.] 5. Fix outstanding college debts. 44 million Americans are struggling to pay off student loans. We must fix this. [Disconnected tweet, see here.] We are releasing a detailed education plan later this week. I'll make sure to tweet it to you to share with your followers!

CL:  Very nice! I love how you associate education being an important factor in helping the middle class.

     Q #4 I also love how important the environment is to you. What do you feel should be done to protect it and how that relates to clean energy and the tech jobs that come with it?

HR:  I think this goes back to our earlier discussion about honesty in politics. @RepRohrabacher and Donald Trump dispute basic facts that climate change exists! How can we solve one of the greatest threats to our world, if our leaders believe in conspiracies? I hope everyone had a chance to see  clip earlier this year with @RepRohrabacher. One of the things Dana says is that global warming may be caused by "Dinosaur Flatulence". Seriously.  2/ [Disconnected tweet, see here.] So how do we fix it? First we accept that its real. We break our reliance on fossil fuels. We make So. Cal the leader in clean tech and clean energy jobs. I'm proud that I have pledged not to take a single penny from big oil! 3/ [Disconnected tweet, see here.] As you see from your picture above#CA48 is coastal California. I'm appalled that Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher support off-shore oil drilling. Dana is on record saying he doesn't think its harmful to the environment! Apparently, he's another "very stable genius". 

CL:  I've heard about cows & the methane gas thing, but "dinosaur flatulence."


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