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10 Questions with Regina Bateson     [Click here to read the original thread.]


CL:  Tonight's #BlueWave #10Questions begins now with the amazing #CA04 candidate @bateson2018.

So happy to have you here with us Regina, thank you for sharing your time with us. How is your Friday evening going?

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RB:  I’m doing great and happy to join you!  We had a great event with some supporters this morning. #CA04 is fired up and rallying behind my campaign to beat Tom McClintock!

CL:  Awesome blossoms! We're going kick it off the way we always do on #10Questions

     Q #1: What made you decide it was time to run for Congress?

RB:  I spent election night 2016 with my kids. They're all young boys. I looked at them and decided I can't have them growing up in a world where bullying is our model of leadership. Right then and there I decided to stand up and make a difference. That's why I'm running for Congress against Tom McClintock. He’s a Tea Partier who does nothing for #CA04. Back when I was a grad student, McClintock even voted to defund my scholarship. Now I'm coming for his seat. #PaybackTime

#CA04 is fed up with McClintock and ready for change. After my old high school teacher encouraged me to run, I made a @Crowdpac page to test the waters. It went viral!  In just a few days, we raised $10,000 in small donations. The people had spoken and I decided to get into the race. #BlueWave

CL: Fantastic!

     Q #2: Speaking of education, I read that you received your BA from Stanford, your MA and PhD from Yale so you're like "Obama smart". I'd like to hear your thoughts on the California education system. What do you like about it and what could be done to improve it?

RB:  I'm a proud product of the public schools here in #CA04 (go Grizzlies!). I understand the power of public education; our amazing teachers and staff empowered me to go to college, join the Foreign Service post-9/11, and eventually go back to school and get my PhD. Today, I worry that our kids aren't getting the equitable, world-class public education they deserve. California ranks 41st in per-pupil funding. School districts' budgets are tight. Rural districts, especially, are struggling to balance their books.  The Feds need to step up and meet their obligations to fund special education. We need to resist charters [schools] that drain much-needed dollars from our public schools.

I'll lead the fight to #StopDeVos. My oldest son is starting kindergarten next year, so I have skin in the game!  Right now, higher education is way too expensive. Getting a degree shouldn't mean going broke! I'll fight for our community colleges, which are leading the way in job training, from advanced machining to nursing. I also support expanding Pell Grants and loan forgiveness programs. 

CL:  I like your take on that.

     Q #3: I really admire that you chose to become a Foreign Service Officer after 9/11. First off, thank you for your service! And secondly, can you tell us what you learned while doing that and how it may help you to be a better member of Congress?

RB:  I passed the Foreign Service exam at age 20 and I joined the State Department right after college. I quickly learned to hold my own with ambassadors and high-level officials; I learned that diplomacy is critical for our national security.  I learned to lead under challenging circumstances. I studied border security in DC and served as a vice-consul at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala. I did 10,000+ visa interviews, led the fraud prevention unit, and helped Americans in distress, responding to everything from kidnappings to natural disasters. Talk about problem-solving!! As a former Foreign Service Officer, I know our diplomats are critical to keeping us safe and they're leaving in droves. My former colleagues tell me the State Department is being gutted; key positions are unstaffed and 60% of career ambassadors left in 2017. I'll fight to get State the resources it needs.

CL:  Good on you Regina.

     Q #4: Trump has done some pretty horrible things regarding immigration while in office. He really crossed the line yesterday [Jan 11, 2018] with his racist comments and future desires concerning policy. Can we have your stance on #DACA and immigration as a whole?

RB:  I have a diverse, multi-racial family. Yesterday, I fired back at @realDonaldTrump right away.  No matter our skin color, I know we're all equal in rights and dignity. @RepMcClintock, by contrast, has not responded at all. No surprise given that he supports Trump's #TravelBan. If elected, I'd be the only member of Congress who's ever issued or denied a visa. That gives me unique credibility to push for a clean #DreamActNow and bipartisan immigration reform, with a path to citizenship for folks who can pay fees and pass background checks. Video: Taking the #DreamActNow Challenge. I'm also a Spanish-English interpreter. I've interpreted for folks in jail after ICE raids, at asylum interviews, and for psychological evaluations for domestic violence victims. I understand the challenges facing immigrant families and I'll fight to make sure their rights are protected. 

CL:  Qué bien!

     Q #5: So you feel you are able and willing to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans to benefit the greater good? I only ask because the term "bipartisan" seems to be a thing of the past, especially after this past year.

RB:  Claro que sí, El Capitán! I’m a pragmatic problem-solver focused on getting results for #CA04. Unlike @RepMcClintock, I’m not a career politician. The answer to the current gridlock in DC is to elect fresh members of Congress with real-world experience. #CountryOverParty. Republicans or Democrats, we all need good-paying jobs, great schools and healthcare, and clean air and water. I’ll fight for all the people of #CA04 and I’m committed to real representation. Every year I’ll hold at least 10 town halls — one in each of our 10 counties.

CL:  Bravo!

     Q #6: I absolutely love one of the hashtags you're using for your campaign: #YearOfTheWoman. Women are fed up with not being heard and not even being able to speak in some cases. How important is it that we have a more balanced representation as to our elected officials?

RB:  It is super important. Back in the last #YearOfTheWoman, Pat Malberg came very close to winning our district and I'm honored to have her support and mentorship as I'm running today! Incredibly enough, her logo was also the golden poppy. #WomenSupportingWomen [Click here to see tweet with side-by-side logos.]

A guy here recently wrote a column titled, "Does Tom McClintock hate women, or does he just not care?" @RepMcClintock opposes equal pay for equal work. He voted against the GOP-authored renewal of #VAWA. He even voted against insurance coverage for contraception. #TickTockMcClintock

I'm a strong advocate for women, girls, and folks who identify as LBTQ. I'm #ProChoice and I'll fight for women to get the healthcare they need. I know that strong women = strong families = strong community. #TheFutureIsFemale. PS. In my offices, no staffer will ever have to say #MeToo

CL:  #TickTockMcClintock is the best!

     Q #7: You mentioned the golden poppy being your logo, it reminded me how the environment is a huge part of your platform. How big of a problem do you consider issues like global warming and climate change to be, and what can our government do to help?

RB:  Most residents of our district already say #ClimatChangeIsReal. I couldn’t agree more. I get the science and I get the urgency. My district includes both Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. It’s a crime that we are currently being represented by a Koch-funded climate change denier. Living in the foothills and mountains of California, climate change threatens our safety and our local economy. We’re seeing unprecedented wildfires and mudslides. Droughts and erratic temperatures are harming small farmers. Ski resorts are losing revenue due to the low snowpack. We need action now. We need to invest in green jobs. We need proper forest management to reduce the risk of wildfires. We need a carbon fee and dividend to limit greenhouse gas emissions. I’ll join the Climate Solutions Caucus and be a leader in the fight against climate change.  This isn't just a matter of dollars and cents. This is a moral issue. We can't stick our heads in the sand and leave climate change a problem for our children to solve. As a parent, I feel duty-bound to do everything possible to leave my kids a safe, healthy planet. 

CL:  #KeepTahoeBlue!

     Q #8: Most feel it's a damn shame how the lobbyists have bought their way into the GOP. How did you feel about the #GOPTaxScam being passed and how bad of a deal is it for the American people in the long run?

RB:  The #GOPTaxScam is a disaster — but as a mother I'm used to cleaning up other people's messes. That’s exactly what I’ll do in once Congress! #CleanupCrew #MomMakesItHappen 

The tax bill saddles us with $1.5 trillion of debt. We can't let the GOP cut taxes for the wealthy and big corporations, then use the national debt to justify to cuts to benefits for elderly, disabled, and veterans. I’ve got my priorities straight. I’ll fight for these critical programs.  We need a tax system that addresses income inequality, cuts out special interest loopholes, levels the playing field for small businesses, and treats working families fairly. The GOP bill punishes thousands of homeowners in #CA04 while rewarding McClintock’s big money donors.

CL:  I know you have some important Union members to speak to tonight, we're almost at the finish line.

     Q #9: One topic we ALWAYS ask our #BlueWave candidates about is healthcare. Universal coverage, single payer, Medicaid/Medicare, etc. What do you hope to achieve while in office?

RB:  I was born with a rare bone disease and I know all Americans deserve high-quality, affordable healthcare. As a member of Congress, I will focus on saving and improving the Affordable Care Act, reducing prescription drug prices, expanding coverage, solving the opioid crisis, and saving rural hospitals.  McClintock voted to strip away healthcare from 79,000 constituents, blocked CHIP funding, and called pre-existing conditions “nuisances.” His constituents — including my mom, who’s a nurse — have begged him to justify these choices, but he refuses to meaningfully engage with us.  McClintock doesn’t get it and never will. I say — it’s time to repeal and replace him! #CA04 deserves better. I’m 100% loyal to the community that raised me, and I’ll fight to make sure everyone can get the care they need, from children to vets to seniors. 

CL:  Much respect Regina

     Q #10: Before we call it a night, is there anything you'd like to say to our readers, and more importantly, to the voters in #CA04? And where can we go to volunteer, donate, and support your campaign?

RB:  I’m honored to have had the chance to talk with you and your followers. I never thought this was the path I would take. But I've never been one to sit on the sidelines. If people want to get involved, please email our team at 

If you live in the #CA04, please join the 573 volunteers on #TeamBateson. We’re #grassroots and people-powered. You can volunteer through our website

We always appreciate our small-dollar donors as well!  ActBlue: I just gave to Regina Bateson!

Calling a friend who lives in the district, following me on Twitter, or retweeting this conversation really helps. Everyone can be part of the movement! I have to go to an event now, but I will hop on later to respond to some of your questions. Thanks so much for having me! #BlueWave2018

CL:  This concludes another segment of #BlueWave #10Questions. Thank you for reading and retweeting. Many thanks to @bateson2018 for taking the time from her busy schedule to hang out with us tonight. Please follow and support her journey to unseat @RepMcClintock in any way you can!



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