About us

Proudly part of a new kind of media company

RadioFreeResistance is a publication of MartianMade® News Division

This site was conceived to share media like pertinent news, in-depth articles, relevant announcements, true stories, useful calendar dates, indispensable voters' information, and need-to-know briefings with what began as small groups of political activists.

We view bringing the news to people as a responsibility of providing truthful information which others need, necessarily garnered from a credible source. It is a guiding principle that we publish truthful media. Our philosophy includes a principle of non-violence, and we won't facilitate unethical political actors. We pledge ethical journalism.

We continue to feature viewpoints, news, stories and truths from a culturally diverse contributorship, to an interconnected audience who share at the very least, this common goal; resisting Mr. Trump and his organization. 

Concurrently, we are actively helping to elect real leadership, by endorsing specific candidates for public office.
This activity is prohibited by law for non-profits, so we have not chosen to begin operating as a non-profit organization. 

Our team


RadioFreeResistance.com was established by volunteers, October, 2017 

 In creating an open-source political information site, the founders provided a means to securely share ideas and material independent of social media platforms, to the end that #TheResistance is more effective and our people better equipped to serve democracy, and our communities.

  • We stand for the creative and privacy rights of our users, while respecting intellectual property rights, and human rights, of all
  • We don't permit violation of law, and all articles are subject to review and editing for content which may violate this ethic
  • We are serious about privacy. The entire site is Secure Socket Layer enabled and is McAfee Secure® certified

A Few Words From Management

We aren't about profit. If and when this site generates any revenue, our policy will continue to be that no compensation shall be drawn by any individual, nor any funds diverted for personal use. Any proceeds beyond necessary to operate this site will continue to be channeled into expanding the reach and functionality of RadioFreeResistance.com. This is not a 'profit-for-profit's-sake' organization, so if you're looking for money, this isn't the team for you, but if you want to be part of a grassroots political news publication, and help others find their voice, we would welcome you aboard.

G. L. - Project Lead MartianMade® LLC

RadioFreeResistance started with a handful of volunteers and a few hundred dollars. It operates in the red. Maybe it can carry its own weight one day, and maybe it can't. Regardless, we are proud to support this publication, and we hope the truthful stories, grassroots content, and absence of advertisers are motivating factors for readers to also continue supporting the RadioFreeResistance venture.

E. M. - CEO MartianMade® LLC