Sifting Through The Rubbish

We are currently 1 year, 22 days, and about 3½ hours into the Trump Presidency as I write this piece. To many of us it seems much, much longer. Some of us have experienced rifts in family and friendship, others possible hostility in the workplace, and yet others have experienced a much more dark and dangerous side of this Presidency. Violence and terror at the hands of fanatical people. Needless to say, it has been brutal and is taking it's toll on our society and world.

A lot of us in The Resistance work tirelessly to not only fix the gigantic orange mistake our country made, but to ensure we never make it again. Doing this work online, especially on social media, can be similar to swimming in syrup. From the top of the Executive Branch all the way down to State and even Local governments there seem to be twenty new scandals a week. Even if you ignore any news about Trump you can still find plenty of rubbish around. It is everywhere and truthfully it is quite scary sometimes.

As an online activist, where do you even begin? Do you fight against the bigotry? Well if you do that then who will fight the racism? Or the corruption, the sexual assault, the domestic violence? Is it more important to disseminate information to potential voters or expose the lies and misdeeds of the people controlling the direction of our country? Should I try to tackle it all or is focusing on one aspect of the fight a more effective tactic?

The truth is, I do not know. I do not know the key to all of this, I'm not sure any of us do. However, I do know a few things that are helping me persevere and stay in the fight. I utilize the Weekly Call to Action to try to focus my energies one week at a time. It can be found at Radio Free Resistance and is really helpful when I begin wandering the muck. Also, finding a local cause to promote is a good idea. Mine is the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition. DACA is a huge issue in their movement so I am often drawn to the immigration side of our politics. Things like this can help fight off the constant barrage of bad news that makes one want to scream, and make your activism more controlled and even-keeled.

Taking time to escape the negativity is also important. The 24 hour news cycle can be quite taxing, especially when combined with social media, so I have started a few side projects that are turning out to be very positive. I am learning how to build memes for promoting my mid-term candidate and I am working within my Resistance group to help grow and promote our cause. These small distractions from the big picture have been very therapeutic in my activism.

At the end of the day we all want basically the same things. We want the wrongs to be righted and we want to feel safe and free. We also want to be effective, and we want to make a difference. Just remember, if you're fighting against injustices, you are important. You're also a meaningful part of a huge cause. I'm so proud to be a part of this movement, to be a part of your movement.

In the wise words of Mr. Olbermann, "Resist. Remove. Peace."



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